St Paul's Students Visit Kanto April, 2000!

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On Saturday April 15th, we welcomed the visit of nine guests from St Paul's School in Queensland, Australia.

Two boys and five girls are being lead by Ms. Tonya Grant, the committee leader for the World School Society at St Paul's and Mr. Charles Smith.

The students have studied Japanese for an average of five years and come fully prepared! Not only this, both Ms. Grant and Mr. Smith have spent much time in Japan and are teachers of Japanese at St Paul's.

The group spent Sunday together with thirty-three Okitsu Junior High School students.
Today our guests will be visiting Okitsu Junior High School until lunch. After lunch our guests will spend the rest of the day with Kanto International Senior High School students in our Katsuura International Training Center where they have been staying.
On Tuesday they will be going to Disneyland and then to Tokyo on Wednesday, where they will be welcomed by their homestay families whom they will be staying with as well as going to school with, until their departure on Tuesday the twenty-fifth.
We will be taking our guests to all sorts areas renowned for its tradition including areas such as Kamakura where a giant statue of the Buddha is located, this as well areas known for its modern elegance such as Omote Sando and Harajuku.







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