To All World School International Forum 2000 Participants:
This year, we broadcast the International Forum on the Internet through Kanto TV.(KTV)
For program information see below. Please note that all dates are Japanese time.

KTV - English

KTV - Japanese

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From October 25 to 27:Yesterday's News
"The World is Coming!"
"Opening Ceremony"
"World School Visits Junior High School"

From October 28 and 29:International Festival LIVE
"Show Us Your Own Country"

From October 30 to November 2: Interview
"Meet Our Host Families"
"International Festival"
"Second Day"
"Let Me Hear You! (1)"
"Let Me Hear You! (2)"
"Let Me Hear You! (3)"
(Recorded during the International Festival.)

On November 3 to 4:Yesterday's News
"Forum 2000"
"Farewell Party"

On and after November 5:Program Summary
"All About World School Forum 2000"

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